Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can you engrave any photograph?

Most photographs can be engraved but it also depends on the quality and also the positioning of the subject(s). For example, a large group photo with many people or distance shot would not be suitable for our charms and smaller items due to the small area to fit the detail into. A good quality image = a good quality engraving. Please see our guide here for more information, or just drop us an email if you have any questions.

Can you engrave hand/foot prints or handwriting?

Yes this is entirely possible! The prints/handwriting must have a good contrast from the background and should be a dark print on white paper, which we can then inverse to get a good clear engraving.


How long until I receive my order?

We aim to complete any orders within 1-3 working days although this can be slightly longer during busy times of the year (eg Valentines, Christmas etc). Once dispatched Free Standard Delivery takes around 3-5 working days for UK orders. International orders usually take around 10 working days to arrive.


Why is my order showing 2 items when I only ordered 1?

Due to the limitations of our shopping cart/web software we need to split orders up to 2 separate items. The first being the product (eg. Heart Charm) and the second being the type of engraving you select (eg. Photo + Text). Hopefully this will be fixed in the near future but currently there is no way around this. Your order is not affected and neither is the total cost. The total price you see at the checkout is the price you pay.


Can you engrave the photo in colour?

The photo's are all engraved into the metal so are shades of white/grey/silver. Colour photo engraving is not possible unfortunately.