Choosing A Suitable Photograph

The photo engraving process uses a diamond tipped head to imprint the photo onto the metal surface of the object. The photo's are engraved in shades of white/grey and when viewed in different light an holographic effect is produced on the item.

We will try our best to enhance your chosen photograph to get the best engraving possible but not all photographs can be engraved with the quality and detail that are shown in our examples. Below is a guide to help you choose the photo that will provide the highest amount of detail once engraved.

Colours & Shadows

The photo should have good contrast which is not too dark or not too light. Black colours are not engraved with any detail and white colours are engraved more vividly, so photo's with large shadows across the subject may not engrave with good detail and really bright photo's will be engraved too vividly resulting in not much contrast being engraved.

If you have any questions you are welcome to send us an email before placing an order.

Subject Size & Placement

When uploading your photo, it's best to send the original uncropped full resolution image. We will do all of the necessary cropping and choose the best placement on the item to get the best engraving possible.

When engraving a photo of a person, to get the most detail we crop to the person's head and shoulders. This is particularly necessary on our smaller gifts but on our larger gifts we can engrave a full photo without cropping if you wish although there may be less detail once engraved. If this is something you require, just leave us a message in the "Add a note to your order" in your shopping cart.

If you require 2 or more people to be engraved in the same photo, it's best if their heads are as close together as possible. This is essential on our smaller items such as our charms and bangles. The further away each person is from one another, the smaller they will be so less detail would be engraved.

We may be able to edit your photograph to bring each person closer together. It is best to contact us before placing your order to see if this would be possible.